Our Training 

We are dedicated to discipleship. We understand that the church needs to train up defenders of the faith to evangelize so that the church will continue to grown. Many within the church feel inadequate at this job. It is difficult to get a person prepared and comfortable with reaching out to others. In an effort to help train people to be able to respond and understand what others believe we have theological groups available for training. Christians can go into the groups and encounter a wide variety of people and ideas so that they will be more equipt to evangelize and disciple others in the local arena. These groups have people from all over the world with a wide range of subjects. The theological encounters that one will have are priceless. These are real-world discussions that will prepare them for a wide variety of situations. Pastor Blair is there to guide, instruct and train. 

Our Groups 

This group is designed specifically for a focus on a discussion between Eastern Orthodoxy, Roman Catholicism, and Protestantism 

This group is designed specifically for discussion between Protestants and Muslims

This World Religions group deals with a wide range of people. Some of the people in this group are Atheists, Hindus, Mormons, Seventh Day Adventist etc. 

What we believe 

Blair Lairds beliefs are consistent with the geneva confession. We believe that both dispensationalism and covenant theology is taught in the scriptures and we try to maintain a balance in that. 

Hermeneutics: Pastor Blair Laird uses Antiochan Hermeneutics when studying the scriptures. We feel this is the best method to interpret the bible.

Apologetics: Pastor Blair Laird holds a balance between presuppositional apologetics and classical apologetics. In regards to evangelism, we start out with the presuppositional approach. However, we understand people have valid questions that deserve answers. When necessary, and only after we have presented the gospel do we switch to classical apologetics. The word of God itself through the work of the Spirit brings about change. As a vessel being used by God, we feel it is important to give that message before moving forward in answering questions. His words change people’s lives, that needs to be the foremost thought in any evangelism attempt.

Soteriology: Moderate Calvinist, and has a balanced perspective of covenant theology and dispensationalism.

Ecclesiology: The Eastern Orthodox Church has many good qualities and valid points, along with pitfalls. The Protestant Church also has many good qualities, valid points, and pitfalls. Pastor Laird agrees with the Eastern Orthodox perspective of living our faith and placing a strong emphasis on our relationship with Jesus Christ. While the Protestant Churches do not disagree with this emphasis, the church in the west has placed an even bigger emphasis on knowing the bible and having a logical faith. This the Protestant Church has done more than the Eastern Church. The Bible itself is a compilation of the Church which contains the word of God which helps us to know him more. The relationship with our creator is equally.

Eschatology: Historical Pre-Millennialism. This view is consistent with post tribulationalism. Pastor Laird rejects Pre-Tribulationalism